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Gold Coasts very own budget Hens parties, bucks parties and day trips!

I love exploring, travel, adventure and entertaining. I've been to America, Canada, explored the majority of the South Pacific, New Zealand, most of Europe and the UK; over 1300 NM sailing, including navigating the Bay of Biscay and completing numerous trips up and down the east coast of Australia. I know what it's like to be looking for new experiences to create memories forever.

In 2015 I spend six months travelling from London, zigzagging across Europe until I reached Athens. I took a number of bus tours and day trips, and realised that while some were well run, most were expensive, poor value for money, and not geared to get the maximal experience from limited time. Many of the tours had add on costs, excluded meals and this was extra work. Hey, I was on holiday, I didn't want the headache of wasted time or being ripped off.

When I arrived back home I knew straight away I wanted to give everybody the best experience where they don't have to miss out on any activity. I’ll give you all the most enjoyable experience at the lowest cost possible. This is my backyard: it's big, blue and beautiful.